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Like most car modification lovers I have been interested in cars my whole life. I brought my first car, a 1995 Honda civic (Cherry Red), when I was 18 years old. Having my own car to experiment with was like a dream come true. I haven't seen a car that I don't want to modify. Car modifications is one of the expressions of free and innovative spirit that still exist today - to take a pile of car parts that were never meant to be together in the first place and build a modified car that can perform,look,and feel ten times better than what the owner cud have imagined. Due to my studies and all i take up projects for my friends only in the summers'. You can see some of my work in the picture gallery . An exciting page for car lovers will be my list of all time great car/bike movies in the List of movies page.



Cricket has been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember. Having fallen in love with its glamour after Pakistan won the 1992 world cup I have followed cricket in every way possible. Most of my childhood memories are of playing cricket with my friends in school, in the street, every where.




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