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Movies that will interest some car lovers :




Amercian Graffiti : voted as one of the most popular car movies of all time


Gone in 60 seconds ( my personal favourite) starring Nicholas cage and angelina jolie, its one of the most exhilirating car movies of all time


fast and the furious : Brought a new era to car racing, unbelievable stunts, car modifications to the highest level and some amazing car chases makes this movie a must see especially for the Vin diesel fans


fast and the furious 2 : The continuation of the 1st movie, a KILLER !!


Dhoom 1 : An indian flick but very popular in the genre of movies


torque : Another must watch flick


speed : one of the best old school movies 


speed 2 : 2nd part to the trilogy, speed 2 is an exciting movie to watch


smokey and the bandit : No words to mention this movie, absolutely thrilling


Biker boys : Involves all the high speed bikes starring Jason Fishburne


Bullitt : released in 1968 is an absolute kicker of a movie











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